• Furniture

    Remove all tables, chairs, beds and dressers. Anything that is on the wood floor refinishing area.

  • Walls & Windows

    Remove all items from walls. Pictures, posters, shelves and mirrors. Take down all curtains, drapes and window dressings. Pull up blinds are okay if they pull all the way up.

  • Closets

    Remove all items from inside closets. Clothing, hangers and shoes. Anything hanging on shelves. Doors and bi-fold doors will be taken off prior to refinishing the floor.

  • Kitchen

    Refrigerators must be moved from the refinishing area. Removal of stove is recommended. If not moved, the installer will butt the flooring up to and around the stove. All items must be off countertops.

  • Cabinet Doors

    All cabinet doors and drawers will be sealed off using blue painters tape run along the seams.

  • Basetrim

    Removed and numbered for replacement. Repainted or new basetrim can be added to the estimate with price to supply and install it.

  • Doors

    All bedroom doors, closets and bi-fold doors will be removed and numbered for re-installment. Door casings always stay in place.

  • Heating & Cooling

    Heat is very important on cold and rainy days and on very humid days. The cold air intake or furnace will have the filter taped and sealed off so that the dust will not harm the unit.

  • Power Supply

    Power is needed for the sanding equipment. 220 volt for the main sander. The dryer or stove outlet will usually work for this.

  • Natural Gas

    If your house has natural gas appliances access to the breaker panel or box will be needed within 200ft of the refinish area.