• Refinishing$3 square

    Sanding the floor to bare wood. All cracks, holes and imperfections in the floor are filled with correct colored floor filler. Next is 3 to 4 sandings with the final sanding done with 150 grit paper.

  • Stain Colors$1 square

    We use all MinWax stain colors because they are compatible with all the different floor finishes available. Browse a selection of stains or learn more about our floor finishes.

  • Installation$2-3 square

    Prefinished Flooring costs $3.25sqft. Unfinished Flooring costs $3.00sqft. Engineered Flooring costs $2.75sqft. Laminate Flooring costs $2.50sqft. Subfloor Removal costs $1.50sqft

    • Prefinished Flooring$3.25 sqft
    • Unfinished Flooring$3.00 sqft
    • Engineered Flooring$2.75 sqft
    • Laminate Flooring$2.50 sqft
    • Subfloor Removal$1.50 sqft